I am kind of a huge fan of skinny jeans, because they really help accentuate my long and slender leg (kind of narcissistic, but it’s true). However, when it comes to the destroyed jean look – which is all the rage this year – I always take a step back and only received one pair from my bf  as the gift. (He thought I would be crazy for this trend:)) Overall, I think I have been wavering between love and hate when seeing the destroyed skinny jean. Nevertheless, I find my attitude depends on the jean itself, especially the destroyed details. Nowadays, I am so into these two destroyed skinny jeans.


(Destroyed Skinny Jeans:BEBE , Ardenb)

The left one from BEBE is not only destroyed, but bleached throughout; I love this blended style also with cuffed up at the bottom. The one on the right looks hot with destroyed details in dark indigo. To be honest, I feel torn to make a choice between these two destroyed skinny jeans; which one?

So what do you think of the destroyed skinny jeans? Which one above do you like? If none of them, do you have others you would recommend?   Please leave a comment and share with us.